We use video to connect your audience with the heart of your business

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Branding Isn't Enough

Branding’s important for your business because it’s the visual “voice” that communicates the personality, the style, the core beliefs of your business. It’s what helps identify and position you in the marketplace.

But it frustrates us when businesses hide behind their brand. We believe that’s because most people don’t know how to connect with their audience. And is it any wonder? How do you use video for your business on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram? It’s not always as easy as using your phone to create video for your business.

So when we’re able to use video to take people - take your audience - inside your company, to the heart of what you do, there’s no hiding or confusion.

It changes everything.

Video Lets People Experience Your Business

At Genuine Media, we use video to give people an experience of your business that’s so genuine and real - it’s like, actually sitting down with you, and you not only understand their problem, but you also understand how to help them. That’s an experience that drives past the facade of brand and connects them with the real heart of your business.

That place where they get you because they understand that you get them.

Video is a Business Asset

Video immerses your audience deep into your company, 24 hours a day, on their phones or their computers, thru social media or email. Video makes it easier for you to leverage social media. And connect with your audience.

We’re not like the other guys, touting our EQUIPMENT (Send in the drones!) or telling you to make your video "cinematic." Too many videographers are too focused on creating pretty videos. They don’t understand how to create video for business.

We do.

At Genuine Media, we work with you to create video assets for your business that capture those qualities - your values, your approach, your expertise, your people, your product - to communicate in a way that lets your customer see and experience their problem, solved.

And reach your audience through the immense power of video!

So if you’re ready to use video to connect people with your business, in a real way

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